Lake Challa


Lake Challa is a unique caldera lake, being surrounded by a 100 meters high crater rim. This lake straddles the border between Tanzania and Kenya. This lake is 49km of Moshi town in Tanzania & 8km of Taveta, Kenya providing the perfect getaway off the towns to soak up nature’s beauty.

This lake has a great diversity of life. From lush lake shore forest to stunning volcanic savannah from river beds marvellously carved through ancient rock, to thick bush or open. Walking at Lake Challa is a magical experience that will put you back in touch with nature.

The water flows in and out of the lake through the grounds believed to be coming from Mount Kilimanjaro springs. Depending on the time of year the lake’s colour ranges from deep blue to turquoise and green.

Things you can do at lake Challa

Walking and hiking, the scenery around the lake has small hills you can hike to, also being a crater lake you will have to descend to and ascend from the lake providing a great short hike adventure
Canoeing, with fewer visitors canoeing at the lake, is great and peaceful
Swimming, a swim is a tempting activity at the lake but advised to be a good swimmer before you decide diving into the Challa waters
Sightseeing, the scenery around the lake is beautiful, you can relax and enjoy the views of the lake from the crater rim
Getting to lake Challa

being at the border between Tanzania and Kenya this lake can be accessed from either country, the best way to get to lake Challa will be hiring private transportation from the nearby towns (Moshi in Tanzania & taveta in Kenya) as there is no public transportation to the area which is quite remote. It is an hour and 40 minutes drive from Moshi town


There are not many accommodations near the lake. One we would recommend is lake Challa safari lodge and campsite located just at the crater rim it will be a perfect place to stay while you soak up the beauty of challa



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